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Boot Hill Heroes Torrent Download [key]

Boot Hill Heroes Torrent Download [key]

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About This Game

Boot Hill Heroes is the first episode in a game series that fuses elements of spaghetti western film - gunslinging outlaws, brave lawmen, and the untamed wilderness - with classic RPG storyline and gameplay. 90s console RPGs like Final Fantasy, Earthbound and Chrono Trigger created lasting memories and impacted us as gamers. Now, Boot Hill Heroes brings back those experiences while revitalizing the genre with a Wild West spin and innovative new gameplay elements.
It's an experimental combination of old and new ideas intended to bring a new and unique experience to modern gamers and old-school fans alike. It's an epic Wild West adventure packed with excitement, intrigue and a dose of humor.

Key Features

Typical turn-based combat is replaced with fast and frenetic real-time system where all players remain engaged in battle and no one is waiting for a turn!
Full soundtrack by Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman (“Shovel Knight”, “Shantae”, “DuckTales Remastered”)!
Play single player or up to four player local co-op. Friends can seamlessly drop-in and take control of a character!
No random battles! See them on the map before engaging!
Charming, detailed sprites with hundreds of unique NPCs!
Sprawling towns and locales to explore, including forests, caves, deserts and a traveling circus!
Fight outlaws and animals! Can you stop a barroom brawl? Can you defeat a gang of raccoons hording precious garbage?
Find job hats and learn new skills to customize your own character classes.
Customize your weaponry with status inflicting effects! Create a gun that fires multiple times, or a lasso that sets enemies on fire!
9-12 hours of RPG goodness with a post-game bonus dungeon and free DLC on the way!
A whopping 52 Achievements! Can you collect every card in the deck?
Kicks off the first game in an epic three-game saga! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Boot Hill Heroes
Genre: Indie, RPG
Experimental Gamer Studios
Experimental Gamer Studios
Release Date: 10 Oct, 2014


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I bought this game because it was the only one appearing researching "Earthbound", At first I didn't think so, but now I do think it reminds me of Earthbound, one of the best RPG I have ever played (I am speaking about the SNES game). It's original, lots of humour, nice charactors. I am loving it

Some days later... I have finished the game.. not really. The game has not a real end and you'll fight most of the outlaws (all but one) in the next episodes. I am not too disappointed as I look forward to playing Boot Hill 2 and 3. It means this beautiful game is not over! I read there is a new DLC coming soon and I'll check the page everyday. Really enjoying this so far. I have become tired of all the shoddy JRPGs that have good kernel ideas but ultimately become long tedious ventures into someone's scrapbook story.

This game feels like it was built in its own JRPG engine (I have no idea if it was or wasn't) and it keeps alive, presenting new characters, NPCs and items all the time. The pixel art is great too.

Only gripe is that sometimes the boundary cels are a bit sloppy - for example I can walk from a green lawn, right across a chimney top etc. I hope that extra attention is given to ironing those little details out now that the big stuff has been taken care of.. Pretty immersive - I played the whole thing with my girlfriend in a few days. Those nostalgic, sprite style graphics are quite charming. There's a big lot of indie games like that, I know, but some developers are especially meticulous in their pixel art as in this case. The plot is not as sophisticated as classic titles' (only people who played Chrono Trigger and the such will get what I mean), still amazing anyway, carrying a handful of quick-witted lines. Besides, the ethnic aspects were kindly depicted and that's a major plus... I hope that there really is a sequel. 8\/10. Until now I defeated Monty Spades in the game and I like to say this is one of the most worthy PC games ever. Best of 2014. I simply love the chaotic yet beautiful multiplayer and the setting is amazing! Despite a few bugs now and there, it's a wonderful game! You won't regret it for sure! Hope to see more work like this in the future!^^. I really hope the next two parts come out soon because I really enjoyed this game. The spaghetti-western themes really make the story stand out and the gameply, while fairly traditional, works really well. The music cuts out everynow and again which needs to be fixed. This is a game that I've been waiting for and while I wish it had been released as a whole package, what I've played so far was fun.. Great game, exceeded my expectations.

If you're a fan of oldschool JRPG's you owe it to yourself to give this a shot. It's clearly heavily inspired by Earthbound (which is a good thing) but with plenty of it's own original flavor. The battle system in particular is much more engaging than most cookie-cutter rpg's you see these days and you can tell the whole project was made with a lot of love.. With nods to Earthbound and Classic Westerns, Boot Hill Heroes part 1 is a well-done entry in what could be a really good trilogy.

10 years ago, a hero averted disaster by bringing the leader of the Saint's Little - the most ruthless gang in all of Bronco County - to justice....but that was 10 years ago. I mean what is that? A decade? That's a mighty long time. It's time enough for all the Saint's Little Gang to plan for their return. Chaos is brewing, and it's up to a new generation of heroes to put a stop to it. Will they succeed? Or is it going to be their last round-up? Well, since this is just the beginning, I'd hate to imagine they failed their quest before it even started.

Earthbound gets mentioned often when discussing this game, and for good reason. Both games share similar aspects such as perspective and enemies appearing on the map rather than at random. BHH also has some obvious call-backs, which can be found in Kickstart Creek, but we're getting a little ahead of ourselves here. Let's talk about the biggest difference, the battle-system.

This game uses an active battle-system. Each character (up to 4) can equip four vantages. These can consist of attacks, healing abilities, stances, and so on. Having the right combination of vantages for battle is a necessity. Attacking is more than just stabbing or shooting something until it falls over. You gotta figure out a strategy. Do you pick the enemy apart with a thousand cuts? Debilitate them with several status effects? Or save up for those powerful attacks? There isn't an "item" option in battle. You can't hand someone a sarsaparilla if their health is low. Either have someone equip a healing vantage, or make proper use of stances. Stances are the cheapest abilities, and for good reason. They put characters on the defensive, reducing or outright avoiding damage. There are many stances, some not even defensive at all.

Meter management is an essential tactic. Using abilities requires power, and it can take awhile to use the most devastating attacks. The same goes for the enemy. Even when you don't know their next move, you always know how long it'll take them to perform it. That's the key moment to go in any stances that you have. Not doing so is a fatal mistake. Still, death isn't quite the end in battle, your characters will recover given enough time, but they'll be worse off. Wounded party members tend to bleed out, become less resistant to status effects, and generally have a tougher time staying alive. If they accrue too many wounds, they're permanently out. Okay, I mean permanent as in: "until they see a doctor" but whatever. Basically, you have to go into battle with the mindset that anything you can do, the enemy can do as well.

Like I said though, this is just the beginning of the trilogy. It only takes about 7 or 8 hours to reach the end of this chapter, and that's hardly enough time to get your boots wet. However, there are several battles that will require an understanding of how the west was won, and they're not the kind you can grind enough experience to breeze through. I expect battles in the next two entries to emphasize this unique and fun battle-system.

Some other things I'll note:

-There are no clone NPCs. Usually with these 16-bit RPGs we see 20 dozen of the same townspeople everywhere. Not so with this game, everyone is different.
-I'd be lying if I said that the music doesn't elevate this game. Jake "virt" Kaufman provides a great soundtrack.
-Easy (and missable!) achievements. Pay attention to your surroundings.

In short, Boot Hill Heroes is on the right track. Hopefully subsequent entries are even better, I'd hate to see such a promising start go to waste.

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