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About This Game

Blockpocalypse is a local multiplayer party platformer about surviving with friends in the apocalypse…or at least outliving them. Fighting their way across the apocalyptic 2D landscape, up to 4 players must forge a path in the debris, using whatever they have at hand, including blocks, clocks, and even a unicorn or two!

Escape the relentless dangers by working together, or simply be the last one left standing in this pixelated madness, whilst playing as one of a huge cast of hilarious characters. With a range of fun, furious and fast-paced party modes, including Block Ball and Elimination, the opportunities for chaos are endless.

  • Chaotic Gameplay – Can you escape, to stand victorious in the apocalypse, or will the ground burn up beneath your feet?
  • Play Together – Best enjoyed with friends over local multiplayer.
  • Party Modes – Battle it out to claim the Cake of Chaos, or work together to defeat your opponents in Block Ball.
  • Characters – Ever wondered whether a witch, a bear and a Spartan can put aside their differences to form the ultimate team? Time to find out!
  • Retro-inspired – This pixel platformer has a true spirit to games gone-by, whilst bringing itself up to date with quirky gameplay.

Title: Blockpocalypse
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Early Access
Release Date: 6 Oct, 2016


Played local coop and had a blast with it. A great little game to play with mates, 4 interesting game types with hopefully more to come

If you want to see what they game type are then check out the video below


Blockpocalypse is a platform-based game deliberately trying to look like something designed for the NES littered with pop culture references and unique characters.

Blockpocalypse is the story of a post apocalyptic lava world after a grimacing asteroid collides with the planet. There are four game modes where you and other payers either work together to build ever higher in order to evade rising lava, work in teams to score baskets, fight as individuals to maintain control of cake or simply throw each other off platforms into pools of lava.

One thing that comes across is while all the game modes are simplistic and the graphics unassuming there is great enjoyments to have, as the skills are easy to learn but difficult to master.

On the whole it is an engaging game in which a rudimentary core game play is used with a surprising degree of variety without compromising its simplicity.
. 11\/10 Great game to play with friends! I love the zombie mode.

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