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Beast Battle Simulator Download For Pc [portable]

Beast Battle Simulator Download For Pc [portable]

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About This Game

Beast Battle Simulator is a physics based battle-simulation sandbox game featuring dinosaurs, animals, and humans. Kamikaze Zebras VS. T-Rex with laser guns, Lions with machine guns VS. a flock of 50 seagulls; anything is possible! Watch as the beasts dismember and rip each other apart in gory detail!

BBS is fully physics simulated, so the beasts can smash and knock each other over in emergent ways. They can even lose limbs depending on where they're hit or bitten. Every beast in the game has a unique fighting style and attack pattern.

Beast Soccer

BBS includes a Soccer gamemode in which you can pit beasts against each other for a violent game of soccer. Who plays better football: Brachiosaurus or Polar Bears? Set up the match and find out for yourself!

Weapon Attachments

Customize your beasts by attaching weapons to them like machine guns, flame throwers, and bomb vests.

Challenge Mode

In challenge mode, you must construct a team of beasts to complete a given task for each level. The game features 60 challenges. From smashing down pyramids of crates, to beating big dinosaurs in GIANT beast soccer, to having to face the dreaded penguin king, each challenge offers a unique gameplay experience.

Sandbox Mode

In sandbox mode, the only limit is your imagination. You set up both teams for a custom battle of whatever units you want. You can even edit the health and damage values of your beasts to create unique custom units like a super-powered puppy, or a killer pig.

Beast Control

At any time during battle you can use left click to take control of a beast and join the battle!


  • 50+ different units to use in battle
  • Equippable weapons (Flamethrowers, Lasers, Miniguns, etc)
  • Physics-based simulation
  • Sandbox mode
  • Challenge mode (60 Challenges)
  • BEAST SOCCER gamemode
  • Custom units: Modify the health and damage of your beasts
  • Extreme dismemberment and gore
  • Onslaught mode: defend your tower from waves of enemies by spawning beasts in real-time and casting spells
  • Beast Control: at any time during battle you can take control and play as one of the beasts

Title: Beast Battle Simulator
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2018


gorillas in this game got ass

you know you were lookin. its hilarious for the first 10 minutes. Good as a casual game for passing some time. Could get boring after a while though.. THIS GAME IS♥♥♥♥♥♥ITS ONLY GOOD FOR 9 HOURS
. very fun for 1 hour and then it gets super boring and there's nothing to do. Good but the devs havent updated the game in 2 years and they call it a complete game.

-Fun,wacky and gory
-you can control units
-you can play soccer (lol)
-you get to use tons of fun creatures such as yeti,t-rex,mages,swordsman,tanks and jeeps
-you can make walls with crates and explode people with barrels
-Best part is using weapons like miniguns and attaching them to creatures

-Only 10-30 hours of fun in this game
-not worth the price
-game gives you really bad flashes because of how glitchy everything is
-better options (tabs and heck even uebs is better than this)
-not enough unit varity
-devs don't update

Sure its fun but the campaign can be completed in 2 hours and it get boring because most of the units are similiar.. fun game, but gets boring quickly.. Good! The updates so far haven't sucked at much... I mean the megalodon update was pretty much stupid. Every update is just adding 1 more characters which aren't really fun and you have to wait awhile for more characters. The challenges are fun but once you are done, the game gets boring, soccer is a bit funny, the 2 extra characters which I won't say what they are aren't very awesome as I would expect, meh great game! 7/10 and I've been binging this game a bit this week so yeah.

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