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Man got a bad model- bully you around-
YOu sit and take it- don't make a sound-

Used to work like dat- what's the problem now-
C'mon guy don't kill the sacred cow-

Bad model good-
Head made of wood-
Bad model good make the bad model good-

Girl get tired of the usual thig-
Going to find another kind of ring-
Who got the formula to make it all ok
Look around baby- your frown is not ok-

Bad model good -
Make the bad model good-
Stupid is the way id you look into the hood
How we gonna play
How we gonna play-
Not so nice today
Make the bad odel good-

O boi!

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Comment by Bobby Z on February 23, 2010 at 5:54pm
ok iget it but the happy ending should be the wife goes lesbian and joins the church of the universe............................freedom



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