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Ask Me My Age Again (September 2nd, 2009)

Ask me my age again.
Do you want the short answer or the long answer?

You ask me my age,
But I do not believe
It's essential to receive
The answer which deceives
In order to converse.

The ordinary curse
Of looking older than you are
Or younger still by far,
Wiser than you're just
Or easier to mistrust,

Makes some of us lose comfort
Or gain undue support
Misuse, deny or report
Resort to deluded retort
When following the herd.

Haven't you heard
That it's not in the age
It's in the stage?
Rearrange your distored view
Because there's many a clue

To guide you to the path.
It's not all in the math;
There's a science to reliance
On the essential truth of defiance.

Your window is a mirror
Making you judge in error.
Deny when it's a lie
And defy what they all buy.

Everything is energy
And you an me will always be,
Energy we can't create
We alter but not eliminate.

So we're all the same age
When we're on the same page.
The energy is in us all
Whether we fall or stand tall,

Wherever we go
Whatever we know
However we show
We'll always grow.

Ask me my age again;
I'll tell you then.
I'm ancient, like the sea
We're infinity.

Copyright 2009 Signe Miranda. All rights reserved.

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Comment by Bobby Z on March 24, 2010 at 8:04am
you little hippy you.....this poem requires trance/psychedelic music i think



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