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As they are doing annually, the marketing people at EA attended on top of buzzwords

As they are doing annually, the marketing people at EA attended on top of buzzwords with the changes EA Canada is making with FIFA 14. The developers tout features with names like "Pure Shot," "Real Ball Physics" and "Precision Movement," even so the terms actually are just shorthand for the often subtle ways the place the studio is looking to increase its soccer game.
The new shooting mechanics, specifically, stood out during the entire international friendly I played — while merely one goal was scored from the match, and I made it happen. In previous FIFA games, aiming a trial while using correct power was difficult to execute without sending FIFA Coins the ball flying to your crowd, especially close for the net. I still was necessary to employ a superb touch from the shoot button, but I pointed out that players' animations are definitely more closely aligned together while using position about the ball on shots. If you don't put a pass on the right place, your teammate will stop able to possess much mustard inside ball.
AI teammates also seem to execute a better job of putting themselves available; that applies both on offense and defense. One of my few difficulties with FIFA 13 was that defenders failed being aggressive in stopping attackers inside the penalty box. This time around, I were pitch a shutout considering that the Netherlands; it absolutely was not because I was playing better defense than a year ago, but because my computer-controlled teammates were.
And concerning the other side through the ball, both my opponent and I had a variety of scoring chances because our AI teammates worked in addition to us to get them. It felt like i was holding actually responding to your movements. And it proved an AI teammate who made achieve possible, leaping in for the air to have a header off my corner kick.
"We focus less from the shiny things and Buy FIFA Coins more to the fundamentals"
I did notice some lingering weirdness inside real-time physics system, eventhough it had more to do with dribbling as compared to laughable collisions between players. Jaramillo said the developers it is still ironing your kinks with unresponsiveness in dribbling and "still polish" the interactions inside physics engine.
FIFA 14 until now feels as though an enhanced version of a short while ago's game, which doesn't sound impressive but are at line with all the developers' philosophy. EA Canada keeps doing complex under-the-hood work to get the gameplay more lifelike, and it also's encouraging that they can shows no manifestation of slowing mainly because it approaches next-generation consoles.
"Soccer's an extremely simple sport — this doesn't happen have fancy helmets, and it also doesn't have weird plays and it also doesn't experience ice," said Jaramillo. "It's an efficient, simple game, but when you add depth fot it simplicity, that's as soon as you create the gameplay experience that FIFA can be able to complete."
FIFA 14 is likely to be released Sept. 24 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. It is destined to be a launch title on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this fall.

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