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About This Game

Command an entire fleet of M1A2 Abrams tanks in this brutal third installment in the Armored Fist series. Using the latest Abrams technology, the game presents the esteemed tank in its up-to-date form which is designed to survive biological, nuclear, and chemical warfare. You'll first take control of a four-man tank, eventually tackling four major campaigns. Set over the course of 50 smaller missions, the campaigns will take you to such troubled lands as Somalia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar, and the Republic of Georgia. The game's five modes of play include solo and co-op entries.
  • Crush Vehicles and Buildings as the M1A2 rolls over obstacles with impunity, leaving only the track of its tread path behind.
  • Coordinate and deploy strategic enemy strikes using artillery, air support, and ground troops.
  • Authentic M1A2 Crew Station Images allow you to control the Abrams Tank from either commander, gunner or driver positions with actual working switches and controls.
  • Over 50 Gripping Innovative Missions — Destroy a terrorist compound, rescue an allied tank platoon, and defend your base from enemy attack.
  • Devastate hordes of advanced AI infantry with your turret mounted M2 50 Caliber machine-gun or simply run em' over with your 70 tons of rolling steel.
  • Integrated Voice-Over-Net allows you to quickly coordinate your team's attacks on the multiplayer battlefields of NovaWorld™. If you're typing, you're dying.

Title: Armored Fist 3
Genre: Simulation
NovaLogic, THQ Nordic
Release Date: 1 Sep, 1999


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As much of a gem that this was back when it was released, sadly it doesnt play very well on modern systems. Max resolution is extremely low, and controls (joystick and keyboard) are extremely clunky.. NovaLogic <3. This game is oldie but a goldie. It now runs in Linux with no issues. I just have to re-familirize myself with the keys and commands. I will get more milage out of this.. Ill start with that I love this game; I loved it when it was first released and I still do. But as others have said it has not aged well, though it\u2019s hard to compare since there are no modern tank Sims. Many of the missions are broken due to poor level design (which I don\u2019t remember being a problem in AF2). Also using the info available at the time (Seemingly excluding gulf war and desert storm seemingly??) the realism is light. You may be riding in the one of the most advance tanks in modern warfare, though most of the time it feels like you\u2019re in a M4 Sherman and the T-55\u2019s and South African Oilfants are tiger tanks because, T-55s, Oilfants and T-72's regularly wipe out hole M1A2 platoons under your command (Blowing the turret off like a T-34 at Kursk against a \u201888\u2019). Which if you base this off the real world combat... Saddam should have kicked the U.S. out of Kuwait and Iraq. On the same note Air Support is just about useless as once again one of the most advanced helicopters the AH64 Apache and most durable plane in the world the A-10 Warthog, gets shot down regularly without getting off a shot because the un-stabilized T-55 gunner shoots it down from across the map. The auto aiming which can be turned on and off, regularly loses sight of target while moving making moving and shooting a chore even though shooting on the move is the basis for modern tank combat, though this is mainly because of the maps being very hilly and mountains.

Pros-It\u2019s a Simulator which is extremely rare breed of game especially today.
Con-Not very realistic even at the time of release, and auto is just as much a chore as manually aiming, which means its WWII tank warfare were you have to stop shoot and scoot (But your most likely dead at this point).
. It had its own glory in the past but today is barely playable. If you are interest in old military games, stick with novalogic's great jet fighter games.

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