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Winter must have been harsh this season

Noone has come kncoking on my door that is the only logical reason

Maybe their was a traffic jam thats the answer I am sure

Because everyday Ive waited with my vase in hand at the door


I handle it with kids gloves afraid it may shatter

Why do we give it so much power over us its just four letters joined together

It can make fell exhilerated craving it like a drug fein

It can make you selfish,obessed,naive,passionate and everything inbetween




If Red Roses are the color od true love then its starting to fade lighter pale

If Chocolate is its savoring pleasure its bitter after taste is stale

If preprinted cards gifts with ballon wrap are all I am worth

Im prepared to fight dirty even if my knees get scrapped in the dirt


Because love isnt lavender laced candled or presents with cheap bows

Its raw its ugly its beautiful it will take you places you never wanted to go

It can make you believe in fairytales or that things can fall apart

Its easier then enduring what it takes to makeit work each player doing their part


If winter has been harsh,the traffic jam never moves, Love doesnt knock on my door

It may leave me lonely,confused,little jealous of lovers but never Insecure

In time I will meet the one will set my humble heart free'

Until then its time that I Love me,


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Comment by Bobby Z on February 15, 2011 at 5:11pm
oh for the love of pete arent there any nice guys down there..young girls can usually attract something better than nothing.....but have no expectations and u wont scare them off...but dont listen to me i live in a town of a hundred thousand(if u can call this living ha) and havent hooked up at all...i think ive got a secret jesus complex and love sorrow and suffering..when i was young in the big city i got too many cool chicks its like death......ewwh



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