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About This Game

It was supposed to be a simple mission. All I had to do was collect some samples from a contaminated area under the sea. As soon as I left the ship, everything went wrong. Communications were lost and my submarine crashed on the ocean floor. I survived, but my oxygen is running low and I can't contact anyone for help. All I can do is move forward with this operations drone as my only companion. Trouble is, it's been acting sort of weird lately. Almost as if it's trying to sabotage my mission...

Anoxemia is a story-driven exploration game that puts you in control of the scientist Dr. Bailey and his operations drone, ATMA. Search the ocean floor as you discover and extract samples from the bowels of the underwater caves. Danger lurks in each passageway, everything from poison drifts to powerful ocean currents, mines leftover from the war, and mobile machines running haywire. There's also the ever-present risk of running out of oxygen. Fortunately, ATMA can help guide you to your destination using a few special tools and upgrades. Assuming you can find them, that is.

The world of Anoxemia is both breathtaking and perilous. The seas are quiet most of the time, but as soon as you see a flashing light or hear a noise echoing from the distance, you know it's time to run. Of course, there are some dangers you just can't run from. Dangers you don't even know exist. Dangers from within...

Also available in Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian languages!


  • Unique sci-fi horror story that unfolds while you play.
  • Explore 38 levels of unique underwater terrain.
  • Find and equip several different items and upgrades.
  • Solve puzzles that require quick reflexes and clever thinking.
  • Voiced narrative that gives insights on the main character's thoughts.
  • Game is hard.

Title: Anoxemia
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
BSK Games
BSK Games
Release Date: 16 Jan, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 5 years old or younger. Integrated graphics and very low budget cards may not work. Shader Model 3.0 required
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 4 GB available space


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It's alright. A little boring. The atmosphere is good. Can't fault it for the presentation.. Boring and confusing.
This game has dull graphics and is verydifficult to understand. I have trouble doing anything and don't like the game at all.. Nice atmospheric 2d platformer. It is somewhat rough though. Text is very small and hard to read. AI pathing isn't the best. Controls aren't the best.

However the game is extremely cheap so sure why not.. this game is so frustrating and broken as all hell you play as a machine with a diver following you and I swear the moment you stop he doesn't he glides and in some cases glides to his death. which is so common that you will die over and over and it keeps getting frustrating everytime. when you try to collect oxygen good luck keeping it up because you lose it the moment you spend the entire time trying to figure out where you're going.
What's so frustrating is the fact that I would appreaciate it if there was plenty of oxygen tanks so you don't have to worry but unfortunatly there's levels that don't have any and you're♥♥♥♥♥♥out of luck, and good luck going back a few levels to get more because you'll start back with very little oxygen. This is nothing more than a cash grab that was trying to get Markiplier to play it and it's dissapointing that they've focused on getting a youtuber to play rather than fix their broken game.. The intend is good but the awful controls and IA ruined the game.
E.g. Basicaly you need to guide the caracther during the game, but because the IA is so bad, it gets stuck or died everywhere. The puzzles are insignificants, without any difficult. The really difficult is get enough skill and stop died because the IA of the caracther doesn't follow you. So you need to have too much patience to play this.
Other thing is when the press "esc" to acess the menu, naturally we press "esc" to resume the game, but no. It just close the game.
The maps are just a repetition, basicaly you have to the same thing in almost all maps.
So I don't recomend this game.. This atmospheric underwater indie game falls short in three major ways:
1. It's super buggy. I probably wasted an hour of my time replaying levels where the game broke in a way that made me stuck, and I lost several upgrades due to the physics pushing them through walls.
2. The controls are so frustrating... it's an interesting design choice to control the drone instead of the diver, but it ends up making things very awkward. The diver will constantly get stuck on corners and random boxes. This probably wouldn't be a big deal but there are a few parts which require fairly tight maneuvering. Not to mention the physics puzzles which require you to position the diver so it's not in the way, but due to the short leash on the stay command it will often charge in and mess everything up anyway.
3. The game drags on in certain parts. Some levels are needlessly long just to add difficulty but don't offer any interesting new challenges or story development.

While the asthetic is quite cool and the game oozes atmosphere, I was ready to stop playing halfway through the game. Instead I pushed on just to be done with it, but the end result wasn't impressive..

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Anoxemia very much reminds me of a very good flash game, and that is not an insult, while it has simple and engaging, gameplay and a fantastic silhouette based artstyle it feels very much like a html5 or flash-based game and not a pc game, apart from the aforementioned gameplay the gorgeously haunting music and solid voice acting sets this game apart from many other indie games who fill the same "kill a few mins" niche, a fantastic little indie title and one i would like to see more of.

This mini review is part of "10 more indie games you may never play in 2019." I want to like this game.

It's a great creative idea, with an eerie but beautiful atmosphere. However the predominant emotion you'll feel is frustration. Not the good kind where the challenge is tough, but with effort it can be overcome. The bad kind where you know the problem isn't you. The problem is the game and its wacky controls.

Actually you could get used to the controls eventually, that might be part of the appeal, for some people, but there should be a measure of forgiveness to get used to the wacky.

Also, there are few rewards for finishing new levels.

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