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Would you like to know a secret? There are fairies living in me garden!

I have learned to be cautious about whom I mention them too because, in the past when I have talked about them, I got funny looks back, and that was from me own Mum. I swear it, the fairies were at my window just this morning dancing and flittering about in the very early morning dew. I say early because it was 4:37 am when they began their party. I know the exact moment because, well…to be honest, they are a loud bunch and they always begin at 4:37 am.
Now don't send the men in white coats to take me away, the fairies do not show themselves to non-believers, and you cannot see them if they don’t want to be seen, and for sure, I wouldn’t like to be locked up, ha ha.
Life is much like those fairies, you know. Oh, oh yes, very much like them.

One New Years Eve, some years back, Binky was having a hootenanny of sorts in me garden with all his friends and they were having a good time dancing, partying, and having a drink or two. While they were enjoying themselves, me Dearie and I were doing much the same thing with our friends over at Boars Head Pub, but instead of flittering about like the fairies, single men were caught flirting about, if you know what I mean. Balloons covered the floor and streamers hung from the ceiling. Why, there was even an old ballroom globe hanging in the middle of the room. I love the way the lights dance off the little mirrors, making the room even more magical, don’t you?

Anyway, it was New Years Eve and O’Grady’s Band was preparing to play Robert Burns most wonderful Scottish poem and song, “Auld Lang Syne”, when suddenly, from a corner of the room came the sound of breaking glass and scuffling as people ran to see what was happening. At that instant, the band began playing; women looked for their dates; and the room began swaying in that very special way when two lovers find each other.

All eyes turned toward the bandleader who had begun the final countdown with


"10...9...8...” I pull me Dearie closer and her wonderful scent of Lavender wills my soul to surrender once again.

"7...6...5..." comes the count. I remember the day we first met so many years ago and I caress her, all the more, as we look into each other’s eyes.

“4…3…2…’’ comes the cry from the stage. She smiles at me and I wonder if she truly knows how much I love her.

It is at that moment, just before the bandleader counts “One”, that I am startled awake. So many years have passed since that New Years Eve but the memory of it beats within me chest and I remember, me Dearies own heart beats no longer.
Yes, the fairies were at me window again, singing their fairies songs, toasting each other with tiny glasses and I smile with the memories of it all.

Would you like to know a secret? There are fairies living in me garden, and I am so glad they do.


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Comment by Bobby Z on March 13, 2011 at 1:11pm
ive heard stories of people who have seen fairies in the woods....i think anythings possible in the spirit world.....i knew a hot chick who did mushrooms at night in the woods and she was able to see into the spirit world and witness the woods faeries....coooool



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