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My eyes must be playing tricks on me,

As in front of me, An angel I see,

How could this be,

I must be dreaming,

Should I be screaming,

This angel left me hypnotized,

My eyes don't lie,

Her smile,

Makes you wanna stay awhile,

As I'm left looking into her eyes,

I'm left worthless and Hypnotized,

There's a scent in the air,

That i just can't bare,

As it leaves me heart pounding,

She speaks a voice so sweet sounding,

I can't turn away,

I can't make the words to say,

I mutter truthfully,

Your beautiful,

I finally see,

This angel to be,

Is you.....

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Comment by Tyler Carron on December 22, 2011 at 2:33pm

I wrote this poem for my beautiful fiance who, to this day, I feel is too good to be true... but i have always loved her and always will be in love with her



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