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Aircraft Evolution

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We present you with a remake of the game Aircraft Evolution. Th 5d3b920ae0

Title: Aircraft Evolution
Genre: Action, Casual, Simulation
Satur Entertainment
Satur Entertainment
Aircraft Evolution
Release Date: 26 Jan


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Control a plane that flies towards your pointer, drops bombs and fires missiles so you can wipe out hordes of enemies. Its a close one here, the controls work fine, its quite neat getting new planes and upgrading them, and the variety of bombs and missions is pretty solid. but it feels a lot like a mobile game that had microtransactions and wasnt balanced quite correctly when it was ported back to PC. Things go at a fair clip through the first part of the game, but around chapter 2 the difficulty ramps up faster than your money does and you end up in a sort of grind, particularly because even with the best plane in the game your bombs never do that much damage and there are a lot of enemies. I skipped 'evolving' planes because it just made more sense to leap straight to the best one and grind it up to top specs. The second stage was never not a bit of a chore though. Finally, setting in with the best plane in the game and pouring almost everything I earnt in to getting a huge buffer of repairs, I shot through the third stage before the fourth stage also fell in to a similar grind as the second. (For some reason the third stage didnt get nearly as built up.) but with the effectively limitless health buffer Id built up I could just slowly grind through any level regardless.* The art changes from stage to stage, the enemies stats clearly go up a touch, but they remain effectively the same. Cannon, tank, infantry, plane (Which are easily the most annoying as they pop in endlessly, are entirely suicidal, and until you have repair kits to spare and a well armoured plane can actually do a fair bit of damage.), and blimp. With buildings that house them, produce them, or just take a lot of time to bring down. I think the ending was just the icing on the cake of my issues with the game. The last enemy was so small in a level so easy I genuinely thought it was going to lead in to a final bigger battle. Instead it just leads to a screen that would do 80s Spectrum games proud telling you 'Well done, you won' and kicking you back to the menu. If the game goes on sale and you can be fine with just playing it for a while before getting bored and moving on (Unlike myself, who is a completionist to the point of self destruction.) then you might want to pick it up as there is definitely some simple classic shoot em up fun. Otherwise, I think there is too much grind and too little pay off to bother. *Though I ended up wearing down the stupid numbers of enemies on the second to last stage for so long that the game appeared to have spawned enough to grind my computer to a halt. given the power of my system and the simple graphics and gameplay here thats pretty unacceptable.. Pro: its fun Cons: too easy (even in hard mode, you have to buy the first plane that shoots missiles and the game is soper easy) unconfortable controls too short (it took me like 3-4hs) Buggy physics Sound is poor Neutral: graphics. It's a fun little game that reminds me a little of good ol' "Sopwith" for DOS and the later Jetstrike. The sound effects can get a little grating but they are fitting and the lack of controller support might turn some people away; but if you're lucking for a well made not too complex time waster, then give it a try.. This game is GREAT! Very fun to play. Reminds me of a combination of Flight (old DOS game) and UN Squadron.. Pro: its fun Cons: too easy (even in hard mode, you have to buy the first plane that shoots missiles and the game is soper easy) unconfortable controls too short (it took me like 3-4hs) Buggy physics Sound is poor Neutral: graphics. Just bought the game, already loving it.. This game is pretty funs!. Level 39 is unplayable. To much lag. Running on a Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU 3.50GHz, 3501 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) Graphic Card : Nvidia GTX 1080 Windows 10. This game is pretty funs!

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