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A Duck Yells Into A Box, In A Basement

And we say we can’t be brilliant cos Einstein is dead,

And he’s better than us cos his posters above our bed,

And don’t talk to them, just talk to me,

I’ve got the answer, its individuality...

None of this hippie bullshit about universal care

Cos you’re not good enough to care, compared to Johnny Depp’s brooding stare.

Then you say ‘Oh how clever, another critique of superficiality

Try talking to me in three years, kid, I’m better than your reality.’

And now see if you can cherish your sunny walk to work,

While you’re kind to somebody, and to another you’re a jerk.

Now, delay that grey with a few grams of weed,

Then go to 420 like you deserve to be free.

And that’s been going on forever, count the times you wanted to cry,

Even if you speak the nerve of honesty, they still refuse to try.

Even if you twirl them up with ribbon, stick em’ in a wooden horse

Sing them pitch perfect, as Luke uses the force.

For every truth you ever took, feel it fight against the weight

Of every popcorn binge and every 3 AM masturbate.

So though you think you’re making changes,

Its always been the same, cos while you sang that very well,

Its part of someone’s bigger game,

And they’ll rob you of your pride

If only your pride makes you feel good, 

Cos a big fish in a small pond

Becomes a small one in the hood.


The tortured are convinced life is the boxes we place around it,

Though I know in my soul you can fly and still be grounded.

They feel angry and lost, for loss is the symptom

Of the ever-present phobia we call human freedom

Yeah there’s boxes for loving, boxes for hating,

Boxes for dancing and puking and skating,

Boxes for crying, lying, clarifying,

Boxes for your recent epidemiological findings,

And if you break the wall, you’ll just be free to see

Another quadrillion boxes in the nook of ever cranny,

If you look in your eyes, there’s just boxes there,

The code of the soul, the wave of your hair

We’ve only got boxes, so all this mulling makes no difference, 

Second-guessing can’t breed happiness, it can only breed indifference

So make your first choice, and stick truly to it,

Or you’ll look like an angel with a devil running through it.

And be careful to decide what is wrong and what’s right

And know that’s just for you, and you only see your own light

And you can only see your light when you choose to love yourself first,

But you won't love yourself if you’re scared of a hearse.

So talk to a stranger, walk down a weird street

Ask existential questions to a redneck girl in heat,

Cos you might be surprised what you see, if you learn how to look

That’s what they mean when they say this life is more than just it’s book.


And if you have a good time, the boxes are balanced

You don’t need to try and destroy them, you just cherish the challenge

But you’ll only have fun if you don’t ask yourself why

Cos fun is born in the soul, and I feel the soul is fine. 

You feel it yourself in the way these words linger

Soul and ancient sound a bit better than Freddie Got Fingered

So the next time some Atheist laughs in your face

Say ‘Sure I believe in God, and Gods the human race.’ 

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