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Path of Exile: how do you see how many skill points I have used?

Path of Exile This game does not show the damage attribute on the monster. Only viewing the information of various bosses from the official game forum will show the amount of blood. In the character panel, you can view the damage of your own attack damage and skills. If you want to purchase POE currency, you can choose VHPG.…


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Buy POE Currency at Steam?

Do you really want to buy poe currency at steam? Let's discuss below: 

1: POE is locked on Steam. The national zone is not necessarily on the shelves. In the Steam search box, type "Path of Exile" and you can try it. And it seems that TX will act as a proxy for this game.…


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The recommend player for FIFA 20 newbie

"FIFA20" players may not have any top players in the early stage, so choosing the right player in the land reclamation will become a more important thing. The better player will enhance the chance of getting more FIFA Coin. This is very useful.


Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco

Carrasco, double 4 has the speed to have a pass and pass, the body is almost, there is no need for speed.

 Marko Arnautovic

A brain, 192cm white and hard and double 4, the middle of…


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FIFA20 DR Mode Defensive Strategy

In order to get more FIFA Coin, "FIFA20" wants to win not only has a sharp attack, but also has a tight defense, and some players may not have mastered the defense in the game.

FIFA20 has also been open for two days. The gold and the zeros are almost the same as the lineup DR started to play.…


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