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Michael Darrell Walker
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Pretty Flowers… Prettier Hands… Damn!

Started Mar 25, 2013 0 Replies

And:  Objections lens, itself towards thee,to wit between, your view and which witch being meant;then instant caustic, bee an irritant,belay beneathe ones behooved breasts, so suckling sweet. Instant…Continue

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Predatory Capitalism

Started this discussion. Last reply by Michael Darrell Walker Apr 10, 2013. 3 Replies

“Merchants have no country.The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.”Thomas Jefferson“Every kind of ignorance in the world all…Continue


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michael darrell walkerjohn commented on Michael Darrell Walker's blog post You
"I by michaelw1two I me IAM today I arise to this new mind I await adventures today, the sky calls to me willing to set me free of myself to show me for the very first times the colours, of each and every tree, the vibrancies of all living things…"
Feb 16, 2015
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
"Love Always Believes by Michaelw1two Inspired by Janea (lovey.87) life changes, love in stages; lusts one had, love just a fad; want love that stays, a love that pays; that helps, one that’s not for play; loves found ayes, loves…"
May 10, 2013
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"Congratulations Michael! You're the new featured artist!"
May 7, 2013
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May 7, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
"Fear’s Embrace   Inspired by the word-works of Mamata Sampath   with that it comes, what lies beneath it; beauty or horror, it captivates me; crawls and creeps through me, to it, I succumb, while being; agast of it, I fear it…"
Apr 20, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
"Revisionist by michaelw1two   in the pit, of my abide; someone breaks wind, burning odour takes over; who cares. If I were reversible, an awful thought, is this possible; notions maw, those hooves that paw, you reduced, made by things…"
Apr 15, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
"Tautology by Michaelw1twoLife’s pendulums once strongly swung released each soul to fate to its chagrin time’s Ides did send chills subdue as memory relates intense, the anguish of such returning swinging to and fro elates today…"
Apr 14, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker replied to Michael Darrell Walker's discussion Predatory Capitalism
"Aloha Brian... I have been... busy... getting busied yet, the words keep on flowing... thanks for the comment... "in order to have happiness"... now that is an interesting proprosition... the happiness factor is bogged down by the weight…"
Apr 10, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
"Beauty tis each cummings art by Michaelw1twoinspired by the work of Joanna {jz645356}lust, an elusive find,often not of heart, but mind;upon sweets touched,soft moist lips kiss yearned;that thought to take first,and selfishly give less…"
Apr 10, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
"Waiting too Volunteer by Michaelw1twoLike pulling teeth, with a string piece,tied to the foyer door;chocolates melt quicker… in an oven,hands or arms, silent alarms, ears ring;dressed as that sweats stag, lacking tobacco,resist that…"
Apr 10, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
"‘desire irreality’ by Michaelw1twobeating heartsknowin how it startswe imaginewhat doesn't like realityfocusing incredibleblinding eyesbelieving liesforgiving those to beopen and let yourself seelorena 630 and michaelw1two"
Apr 10, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
""The Salivating Few.” by Michaelw1twomadgirlslovesong and re-edited by michaelw1two“the body of solid blue,My Prayer; that I, might clean away the rust,in the crevasses, in the hinges, of my sick soul.Come, with God and Gold and…"
Apr 10, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
"woolsey owl / march 2013 by Michaelw1twoinspired by wordworks of poewhitwho thatone wits’ curlfun way truth..tet, sure was proofsoft in the hoovesfun way truth..loved justices’ gluewalked in sustenances' soulfun way…"
Apr 4, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
"Dynamics for Dummies [(penn-mar 91732) 2013 march] by Michaelw1twoDinosaurs-Diana Shores-Dyna Jims-Slym Gyms-Busta Mores’-Horry Shite Knaves:Empty thought Sheaves:What the Fuck: I sneezed!Michael Darrell Walker"
Apr 4, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
"The Wall @ penn-mar 91732 by michaelw1two“I use to live in a room full of mirrors”Jimi HendrixCrooked stop signs,Flies and left fisted lies;Buttered, yellowed, belied; spokes centered;Books, bricks, binoculars, and bright shite;A binder,…"
Apr 3, 2013
Michael Darrell Walker commented on Lazy Poets's page Poetry
"Mind's Refuse by michaelw1two Inspired by the work of Alanna YoungMy unclear mind’s refuse,to read your deepest thoughts;this hallowed consciousness,now reamed of its trust;the lack of you, beside me walked,alone in teaching’s…"
Apr 3, 2013

"Natty Congo"

Colours, draped over backgrounds
greesn, yellows, and browns;
setting suns cooling
turns to twilight’s settling down;
rhythm's islands, Jamaican
sounds round and round;
tones aflame in nature’s evenings,
time’s stress quietly drowned.

Singing’s standard,
Rasta’s beat woos this crowd;
stations handled, tickets sold,
‘Ja’ praised, no doubts;
vibration’s soothe;
minds, hearts, and souls tones tout;
travels’, they’re past,
survivals mete; unto 'Ja' we shout.

Stage sounds, resound to heaven’s highs,
ah, the music’s sweets;
plays loud, does the reggaes’ heat,
‘Natty Congo’, pride’s spirits beat;
centered scene, light’s night,
rhythm’s sound, soul’s teeth;
tight, this band, five men aloud,
the crowd’s heart, toe’s tapping feet.

Flowing on, the reggae builds,
into life’s energies surreal;
music, blessed through Ja’s kiss,
the setting sun, life’s deal;
Ja’s message, outs men’s hardened hearts,
its taste his highest seal;
supreme this mark; full rhythm’s torch
in sounds, ‘Natty Congo’s’ word is real.

October 2010 Michael Darrell Walker

Written on the moment, Sacramento River Bend Raggae Party
'Save the Farm', charity event

Who out there writes the music for these words?

reach out and touch... all the best in life to all of you, and to all of your relations... Mcihael.

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Posted on July 31, 2011 at 9:01am 1 Comment

inspired by Malaya Roses


My life,

bleeds into the well of this pen;

its point to skin,

life’s caustic sin;

at loss, this connection,

this humble zest for living,

in evening’s cool,

becomes time’s twilight lust.

Beneath, your turgid midnight flesh,

is where I laid,

my strength’s divide;

alas, the will refused heart’s surge,

its shape reflects,

life’s gentle touch in love;

such my vision wants… Continue

Past Thought’s Rapport

Posted on July 31, 2011 at 8:56am 0 Comments

Inspired by the works of Malaya Roses

by Michaelw1two

Midnight’s full, and one’s expressions gleam,

shade thoughts tomes known, and this enlightened write;

upon, one’s raspy lie coated tongue,

wile’s entry toward, lust’s searing words relent.

Life’s twisted, sneering, closed leer lip lisps,

slide off, this love’s caustic verbal lashing;

flowing, from our joining’s true demean,

midst fraudulent and shrilling anguished moans.… Continue

To Voice Anew so Listen

Posted on June 4, 2011 at 2:41pm 0 Comments

To Voice Anew so Listen

by Michaelw1two

Ask of each individual,

in questioning voice do so speak;

what do you hear in mind,

serenity, or shriek of cacique;

scowls light ire in many,

rushed breath blows up physique;

faces pall in anger,

response is bleated speech oblique.

Spite filled hiss responses spew,

as each mind arrogates;

unbeknown in every mind,

a copiousness of soul alligates;

on bent ear minds mourn,… Continue


Posted on June 4, 2011 at 2:37pm 0 Comments


by Michaelw1two

At some distance in mind’s view,

cued intelligence prompts time’s stooge;

precisions virilis Mala swayed,

by one, imaging humanity’s sordid stool;

concise trompe L’ oeil,

wryly hides conspectus, amidst the hunter’s stew;

culmination, truth’s supra known of few,

it is not sensed by callus fools.

Consensus shown, to wit this known,

both fool and sage clown obtuse;

balancing fiction and or fact,… Continue

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At 12:56am on May 7, 2013, Lazy Poets said…

Congratulations Michael! You're the new featured artist!

At 1:41am on May 13, 2011, Brian Allossery said…

Hello Michael- but- an apology is for why?

I know not- but what a way to start out a great message of greetings!..

And I don't even know who or why or where or even - when-

When is then?

Is it Zen?

Amen? Len? the bend-ing send-er of heav-en?


Ok not to be too smart but art must happen and even when life is then- the spirit- be clear it- must always  near it- and we are not even near it- (in todays society) DON'T FEAR IT

Lets be clear it - Is a good thing - To fly on the wing - And sing-

So lets sing-

Take Wing....... < + >   < + >  < + >


And yes drop me a line anytime- it's divine-

At 5:56pm on December 13, 2010, Bobby Z said…

hey cool poetry, sounds like u might be gettin into the golden realm of the higher self which i imagine to be like a beautiful egypt in the perfect afterlife..cooooooool

At 10:43am on July 19, 2010, Signe Miranda said…
Thank you for your comments. I look forward to reading your lyrics.
At 5:59pm on July 13, 2010, Bobby Z said…
we love music here on the lazy poets..too bad you werent hooke dup with l.a. people like janes addiction or something..we could certainly use the boost..i feel so unimportant.........ah well i guess i should lose the ego.......
At 6:33pm on July 5, 2010, Bobby Z said…
oh by the way im curious how you found us.......
At 6:32pm on July 5, 2010, Bobby Z said…
welcome to the lazy poets....its usually fun here



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