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Amanda Knights
  • Female
  • Ontario
  • Canada
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When pen hits paper

Posted on February 3, 2010 at 4:22pm 0 Comments

i can't stop drawing i have so much art. i want to post it on this site but i'm not to sure. see i posted a pice of my work on face book. later on a friend of mine had a printed copy and had it in her house. i took it off the site since i really don't feel comfortable. i want my art out there but not if i don't get the credit. does anyone else have this feeling or am i just beeing totally paranoid.

Some new stuff

Posted on September 15, 2009 at 8:51am 0 Comments

Raining Glass

The sky cracks open large shards of broken glass fall from the sky.

No one seems to notice

Those with umbrellas simply ignore

And casually step over bodies

That litter the ash fault at their feet

Ripping Free

My dreams have been set free

But I didn’t do it

They have escaped

It ripped and tore my weak flesh

And left me here

Bleeding on the floor

With no dreams at… Continue

The world ticks me off

Posted on July 26, 2009 at 12:56pm 1 Comment

I've noticed that people are not friendly

being a waitress i see this first hand. No more please and thank yous. i opened a door for someone the other day and the woman looked at me like i was an alien. there are no more good people in the world. being an artist i find it hard to get my work out there. its so hard to even to get into shows its so expensive! and being a struglling artist i don;t have that kind of money. the world is biest towards people in lower class. just because i am the… Continue

ART and Poetry

Posted on June 22, 2009 at 8:56am 0 Comments

Hello every one

I'm new to this. I hope i'll also be able to share some of my original art on this site as well. here is a poem i've been working on hope you like. remember its a work in progress

The Breaking Point

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock

The clock sits high on the wall just before me

It mocks me with its constant clatter

Its determination to be heard in every silence

Comfortable or otherwise

It goes on existing even… Continue

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At 6:12pm on February 21, 2011, Bobby Z said…
hey too bad you got no new art ..but i guess yer art,,,
At 3:46pm on June 26, 2010, Bobby Z said…
p.s. guess my drunken stoned art girls thing was too controversial or too hard to put together
At 3:45pm on June 26, 2010, Bobby Z said…
hope to see some more a fanatic
At 8:10pm on February 5, 2010, Amanda Knights said…
funny actally my friends over 20 she would kill me if her real age was told. sorry to ruin the moment would be funny if it really happened. however i could totally kick her ass
At 1:36am on February 4, 2010, Bobby Z said…
hope thats not sounding to realistic but there are actually some good honest people on this site who have been through 20 or 30 years of art struggle including myself. so its just advice and be yourself and see what works for you ciao
At 1:33am on February 4, 2010, Bobby Z said…
cont-now your too wasted to paint so all you need is a camera . forgot the art and make an art docudrama called art girls gone drunk and stupid. actually thats a way better way to promote your art. it would probably be a thousand times more effective. and of course its not really selling your soul its just all relative and way better than being a broke ass waitress slave.
At 1:29am on February 4, 2010, Bobby Z said…
sorry but i had a pleasant chuckle about your friend stealing your art without asking. is that a silly young girl thing cos im fascianted to study various behaviours (however bizarre). i can just see you getting pissed off and saying"hey what the fuck you little weirdo thats my fucking painting you bitch" and then a slap fest and then break into her parents booze and invite half the fucking town for a pajama party. perfect now your
At 1:23am on February 4, 2010, Bobby Z said…
oh and regarding the way people steal art and music. well unfortunately thats a byproduct of this internet thing were on. its too big to beat it, so maybe best to just join. it seems that music ,literature and art are all free on the net and according to business gurus ive talked to it is now customary to get a start on the net for no money and when you build a reputation and network, then you can figure out a business o luck
At 1:18am on February 4, 2010, Bobby Z said…
ah yes the sneaky inspiration thing. in my 40 plus years ive seen the darkness and the light as they come and go. now i just accept it and observe and watch those diurnal powers roll. like the buddha, i sit back and just observe. in buddhism the wisest is often the most vacuous(meaning empty) inspiration just pops in from a fresh source. if we are empty we are open to be filled.
At 8:50pm on January 24, 2010, Amanda Knights said…
not really i actually perfer to work in black and white



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