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Those people who have been blessed with knowledge are giving high ranks, because of their ability to interpret and explain to us the reality and the awesome nature of BEING...

People are cut up in the flow of the daily life with work, fun, parties, making money, alchol, drug, politic, title, power and They move away from subjects to which they should actually turn their attention! They forget the true purpose of life!


"If you see something wrong then change it with your hand, if you are not able to, then speak against it, If you are not able to speak against it, then dislike that thing in your heart, for indeed that is the lowest level of faith."


What is the true purpose of your life?


Can you answer this question with a Poem or Lyrics please :-)


Peace and Blessing of Almighty Creator be upon You All, and this beautiful website and whoever runs it...






Errol Oz


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sounds quite spiritual. very posiitve and hopeful. i can relate since i walked away from greed and chaos to live in the country and live like a simple monk. thanx for sharing




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