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Why do parents allow kids to RUN around restaurants?


I walked out halfway thru a meal today as I was so sick of it.
A family with 4 kids under 10 walked in and the kids simply treated the place like the school playgound. A couple of other kids from a nearby table joined in and the shrieking and screaming was unbearable. They were constantly running up and down, playing hide and seek and tag etc...
The final straw was when the waitress, in trying to avoid a running child, stumbled and I was soaked with someones drinks. Luckily they were not hot.
I asked to speak to the manager and enquired why he allowed kids to behave like this in an eaterie. He replied he had given up trying to get parents to take notice of requests to get children to sit down etc...

Why do parents allow kids to RUN around restaurants?

Please help.

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