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Flush by Ted Scarf

I saw your curves when
You wore a straight flush
I couldn't stand losin'
But I'd stay for the rush

You set the ante
And dealt me an Ace
I bet a twenty
And put on a face

You chuckled and called me
Your eyes full of lies
You puckered and kissed me
A grateful goodbye

I just couldn't lose if
I played all my odds
Crossed all my fingers
And prayed to the Gods

I must of missed a God
And broken my fingers
I just should've cheated
'Cause I'm down six figures
And you had a blast.

I broke my head
Just thinking of you
You threw me curves
And I swung for straight

The ball's in your court
It always has been
Your pitches are pictures
That I've never seen

I know just how a sinner must feel
I hope I'll never have to deal
With the consequences
Of your actions

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