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Why must music be about fashion.... look at susan boil... a diamond in the rough... gods gift.... to us........ look at kitty wells. not one of the prettiest but def a star........ look at Janis Joplin.......... what is this hype of image.... my look has nothing to do with how I sing.....just sayin.

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I agree with you, not a looker myself.
If more people listened to music rather than just See the artist, they'd appreciate it.
Agree- thanks- music has been steered towards being a combined experience with fashion and visual art - -That makes it into a different entity- Kind of like a 3rd grade school play or something-

However- I don't argue against big corporations- they know best what is best for my soul-

-music is music- it makes you feel good or it doesn't and if you can't figure that out then you better work on it!

Rattle rattle- back to my cage-
-how dare anyone question the diarrhea of modern culture-?

For the sake of my now deceased favourite shop teacher Mr Russell-
Can modern media kindly f*ck off and let me enjoy my life a little bit--
(without shoving amuricanism down my throat 24-7)

I thought that would work-
I completely agree. Except i do believe that if someone has their talent and wants to showcase it they should be able to do so in any means that is suitable to them, rather than what the modern icons say they should do to sell know pave their own way market themselves in a manner that is best in their mind.
image is an expression of self, just as much as the blues is an expression of the soul or martial arts is the expression of the human body. and certain entertainers try to express themselves through there image when the could express themselves through there music, which is what they should do. but seeing how the commercialization in today's media is pretty much the nucleus of the money making, it is not essentially about the music itself, which is to despicable and totally unrelated to the art that which is music.
why you say, why is right but since this concept is so universal, i have become numb to it and do not ask why? But how could someone change it...


Yes...The demise of the Radio Star has been Greatly exaggerated. Looks can be important but not always.

Check out my song called "THE POWER OF A SONG"...and a video featuring Susan Boyle.

You can check out more of my songs at youtube under Barry David Butler..


Hi Jenny,

     I agree...I used Susan Boyle in a video I made about my and Chet's Original Song called "THE POWER OF A SONG".


I agree- Can't listen to a pair of jeans-----

I notice that music and fashion have been partners for some time now - especially at live shows of course-

I think fashion has attached itself to music however- To me music is the 'Holy Grail'-whatever you want from music - it has for you;  and if that means fashion to a lot of people then we see that aspect of human desire coming out.........hope that makes sense- 

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